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BoilCoil 15 Gallon 240v
This new Blichmann Engineering innovation redefines electric heating!

Unrivaled performance, speed, and simplicity. Just plug in a BoilCoil™ immersion heater for immediate, high efficiency heat. Ideal for indoor brewing and a perfect companion for your BoilerMaker™ brew pot.

New BoilerMaker™ pots can be ordered with the holes pre-punched at the factory, or you can easily install in your previously purchased BoilerMaker#8482 pot yourself by drilling two small 5/8" holes with our handy drill template. The BoilCoil™ will also fit most competitive pots too! We include a "plug and play" 12 ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end. Hot, fast, and easy. Just the way you like it. The BoilCoil 'kit' includes a heater element with all the necessary mounting hardware and a 12ft power cable. The cable with this 240V element is 10 gauge and very flexible. The cord will have a factory installed plug on each end so the product is truly plug and brew! The heater end of the cable is terminated with Blichmann's custom molded plug. The other end is terminated with a twist and lock connector. This boilcoil has rated voltage of 240V and a GFCI breaker size of 30 is recommended.