Shirron Plate Chiller
The Shirron wort plate chiller is a highly-efficient, compact plate-type wort chiller! Made with 11 stainless steel plates that have been fused together with copper solder, these chillers have small channels weaving their way up and down each plate. This creates more surface area for the wort to travel over, and more time for the water to cool the wort down. The small, compact design allows for any easy integration into any brewing setup, and takes up less space than any other chiller on the market. Cleaning a plate chiller is a bit more involved than a normal immersion chiller, due to the tiny pockets created by the channels in the plates. These pockets can harbor cold break material, hop remains, or any other solid, and if not removed can cause infection in subsequent batches. The best way to clean is to recirculate a solution of hot water and PBW through the chiller as normal, then backflush the chiller, bringing the PBW through the "Wort Out" side in out through the "Wort In" side. This should remove any particulate that may have gotten trapped by the folds in the plates. Since this type of chiller is relatively new to the homebrewing market, we are unsure just how much solid matter can be trapped in the plates over time, and if a thorough cleaning can break any of the solids free from the corners or not. 12.5" long, 3" wide, and 2" thick. The wort inlet and outlet is 1/2 Inch Male Pipe Thread, and the water in and out is 3/4 Inch Male Garden Hose Thread.