Trebbiano Frozen Must
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Trebbiano is a traditional white grape used in small quantities in traditional Chianti blends. This grape is a reasonably intense straw yellow color and naturally higher in acidity which allows it to produce a bouquet of citrus, fruits and nuts. It is fresh with fruity flavors on the palette and backed by minerals giving the wine separate, or in a blend complexity and body.

These grapes are 100% organic, certified DOCG grape must from the heart of the Chianti district in Tuscany, Italy. The DOCG title is the most prestigious designation a grape (and wine) can achieve in Italy. Each varietal is nurtured to its fullest flavor and color according to strict Italian regulatory standards, and then picked by their commercially-certified enologist at peak ripeness. Immediately after the grapes are harvested, they are put through a patent-pending freezing process to preserve the grapes in a "just-picked" state, and imported for us to make excellent wine.

Makes 3 gallons yeast and yeast nutrient sold separate