Sangiovese -Vino Superiore
Buy One get one freeThe Vino Superiore grapes are 100% organic, certified DOCG grape must from the heart of the Chianti district in Tuscany, Italy.

The DOCG title is the most prestigious designation a grape (and wine) can achieve in Italy. Each varietal is nurtured to its fullest flavor and color according to strict Italian regulatory standards, and then picked by their commercially-certified enologist at peak ripeness.

Immediately after the grapes are harvested, they are put through a patent-pending freezing process to preserve the grapes in a "just-picked" state, and imported for Vino Superiore to make excellent wine.

Indigenous to Tuscany, Sangiovese is the most widely planted red grape in Italy, and the dominant varietal in Chianti and Super Tuscans.

The flavor profile of our Sangiovese is a deep ruby color with garnet hues; elegant bouquet of leather, black cherries/ dried cherries, plums, berries and flowers (violets). It tends to be elegant on the palette, including classic plum and dried cherry characteristics with moderate natural acidity and generally a medium-body ranging that can be rich and flavorful.

Vinosuperiore grapes make 3 gallon batches are wine that are some of the best around. yeast and nutrient sold separate