Brewers Best Deluxe Kit
Deluxe Brewer's Best Starter Equipment Kit Contains:
  1. 6.5 Gallon "Ale Pail", Primary Fermenter with Drilled and Grommeted Lid
  2. 6.5 Gallon "Ale Pail" Bottling Bucket with Bottling Spigot
  3. 5 Gallon Glass Carboy
  4. "Home Beermaking" Book
  5. Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser
  6. Bottle Capper
  7. Triple Scale Hydrometer
  8. Airlock
  9. Drilled Universal Carboy Stopper
  10. Liquid Crystal stick on Thermometer Strip
  11. Siphon Hose and Shut-Off Clamp
  12. Fermtech Auto Siphon
  13. Bottle Filler
  14. Bottle Brush

This is a great starter kit for beginners. You will only need to get an ingredient kit and a 20qt stock pot if you don't have one as well as save or purchase some bottles. This kit will make it super simple

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